Rentals are a great way to start playing a new instrument, or to provide instruments to growing players

If you are interested in starting to play a violin, viola, or cello, we recommend that you rent a good quality instrument from any respectable violin shop rather than buying an instrument right away. A good rental will be set up correctly, will give positive feedback when learning how to play, and you will be able to tune it and operate it accordingly! Nothing is more frustrating than a cheap instrument that doesn’t sound good and doesn’t stay in tune. If you decide you want to buy one after all, we apply up to one year of rental credit towards the purchase of any instrument we have in stock, so that rental payment still pays off!

Rentals are, of course, ideal for the younger players who are still growing through the fractional instrument sizes. Sizing up to a larger instrument is easy, and you leave the maintenance and upkeep up to us.

Olsen Violins offers a full line of violins for rent, 1/16 size through 4/4 size. Violas and cellos are also available in limited quantities. For more information about our rental program, including instrument availability and pricing, call (206)783-7654 or email us at .